The Pallas Process

We believe CrossFit isn’t just a workout. It’s a lifestyle. We ensure that no matter who you are or what your goals are, we are helping you grow to become the happiest and healthiest person you can be. Our process is a holistic approach to exercise, diet, and rest.

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Your journey starts with Foundations where we’ll get to know you, introduce you to CrossFit, and help you set an intention for your practice.

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We follow the 3-1-2-1 rule:

Go hard Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Rest Thursday, you earned it. Go hard Friday and Saturday. Take a break on Sunday (we’re closed). Rinse. Repeat.

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CrossFit is designed to be completely adaptable to you. No matter how strong or flexible you are, you can do the exercises. The key is to show up, do your best, and smile through the sweat.

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Exercise, no matter what kind, demands a lot from your body. Supplement your exercise with smart nutrition choices to get the most out of CrossFit.