Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit Pallas like?
We have athletes from all walks of life, from students and teachers to entrepreneurs and farmers.  Crossfit Pallas is a second home to many - a place to relieve stress, see personal growth, make friends, and most importantly - get more fit! If you want to come meet our wonderful staff and community, please email us or just stop by to talk.

I want to try CrossFit but I don't know it if is right for me? 
You never know until you try! Our belief is that anyone can do CrossFit - our members come from a number of different backgrounds and ability levels, and they all find success within our walls.  You don't need to be 'in shape' to do CrossFit.  You do need to be open minded and committed to learning and the process of taking your health and wellness into your control.  Come see for yourself!

What if the workouts are too difficult for me? 
One of the many great things about CrossFit is that any workout that we do is universally scaleable to your individual ability, every day. We have collegiate athletes working out next to Max, our 86 year old member! Our coaches are the best in the area, and will always help keep you safe while you focus on getting fit!

I have never tried CrossFit. What is my first step?
If you this is the first time you are dipping your toes into the CrossFit waters, our Foundations Course is where you want to start. Email to get started!

Lift weights? I've never lifted weight before!

No worries. We will teach you the basics of every movement you need to know in our Foundations Course and spend time each and every class focusing on mechanics. It’s our goal to make sure you leave every day feeling as if you've learned something new!

What is foundations?
Foundations is our mandatory introductory course, for potential members who have never done Crossfit before. These sessions are individually scheduled with one of our coaches and can be accommodated for 1-6 people.  During this class you will learn the basics of safe and efficient movement, allow your body to adjust to the Crossfit training style, and get to integrate into our growing community of athletes.  This classes are individually scheduled according to your needs.  Send an email to for details or to get started.

What in the world is a 3-1-2-1?

This is the work/rest day format that we adhere to here at Crossfit Pallas, and what we recommend to those of our members who attend the gym 5 days per week. What this means for our 3x/week athletes, is that Thursday is technically a rest day - with M/T/W, F/Sat, being our work days, and Sunday a universal rest day as we are closed. Thursdays at CFP are coached open gym, with the same class schedule as every other day. On these coached open gym days, we encourage athletes to make up a workout they missed earlier in the week, work on skills/weaknesses, or ask a coach to craft a workout targeting an area they want to work on! It's a great day to really pick the brains of our coaching staff and get some individual coaching on whatever movements you need work on!

When are Crossfit classes?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday- 6am, 8:15am, 9:15am, noon, 3:30pm, 4:30pm (except Tuesdays) 5:30pm, 6:30pm (except Fridays).          

Thursday is an Open gym day all day, with 30 minute structured skills sessions a few times throughout the day.

Saturday- 9am, 10am, 11am

When does Yoga take place?

Yoga is Sundays at 10:30am with Lex. 

What types of memberships are offered?
3x a week-$120
10 Punch card-$135
Law enforcement/Military-$115for Unlimited

What should I bring to a workout?
Athletic apparel, sneakers, water, and a willingness to learn!    

How early do I need to get there before my class?
We expect athletes to be ready to go at the class time.  That means gym clothes and shoes on, and any gear you may need for the work out.    There is a coach led group warm up, but if you need some extra time to work some of the kinks out, get there 10-15 minutes early.  As long as there is a coach there, the gym is open!

Do you have a shower?
Yes we have full use locker rooms for both men and women - complete with 5 shower stalls each and day use lockers!  

How do I get started? 
Contact us at