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WOD 080916

15m – Dynamics

10m – Movement Prep & Explanation of Strength Work

25m – Complete the following in supersets

  • 10-7-5 Back Squats
  • 10-7-5 Push Press (from the floor)

Mobility – Puppy Dog, Pigeon, Straddle.

The day that this strength work occurs each week will change, but it will remain the same format. Linear progression – goal is to add weight (2-10lbs) each week!

Biggest thing to remind athletes – this is a 6 week progression, meaning 5 weeks of increases! They need to start at weights they are confident they can add weight to each week for the next 5 weeks – EVERY SET OF BOTH MOVEMENTS!

Earlier Event: August 8
WOD 080816
Later Event: August 10
WOD 081016