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WOD 010616

15m – Dynamics

Gymnastics Strength – Take 10m to complete

  • 4x10 Strict HSPU – Scaled with Standing KB Strict Press
  • 4x10 Strict Pull Ups – Scaled with 1-arm KB Rows (think body builder row)

The first thing we can scale, within reason, is reps. If an athlete can complete at least 5 reps of each movement, every set, then they can scale the reps to say 4x5 strict HSPU and 4x7 strict pull ups (just as an example). If they can complete 4 or less, they will complete ALL of the reps with the scaled KB movements.

10m – Kipping HSPU Clinic

MetCon – “Diane”:


Deadlifts 225/155

HSPU (regionals standard 25lb plates and ab mat)

*10m time cap

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