15m – Dynamics

5m – Movement Prep

12m to complete:

  • 4x8 Strict Pull Ups (add load if possible)
  • 4x8 Strict Dips (add load if possible)

For scaling the pull ups we will use the KB rows that we did last week. For scaling ring dips, use box dips – set them at a height that athletes can have their feet on the ground as an assist if they need it.

With a 12m clock in teams of 3, rotate every minute:

Station 1 – Rowing for Cals

Station 2 – TTB

Station 3 – 50’ Shuttle Sprints

*Have each team setup a rower in-front of a pull up bar. Shuttle sprints will be from the pull up rig, to the far pole of the muscle up rig (before the GHD, hyper, etc) and back.