Christen Parker

My Testimony

I’d been curious about trying CrossFit for a while, and a good friend let me know that CrossFit Pallas was opening downtown. We went down on the first day, and though we were unprepared for a workout, we watched people moving through different exercises and met the coaches. I was slightly intimidated by the intensity and by the level of the athletics that I witnessed, but I was also excited to try something new. I decided to sign up for the foundations class in November of 2012. I did as many WODs as I was able to in December, but in January I began working out more consistently, and changed my diet to follow a paleo model. I also cut back on my alcohol consumption, which is something that is something that I’d let get way out of control.

Since Christmas day, I’ve dropped 15 pounds. I never took beginning measurements because I knew that the initial numbers would just make me sad, but my belt is down two notches and my jeans are comfortable again. I’ve shown improvement – though I have miles to go – in all of my workouts, and have gotten stronger. These things are important to me, but what surprised me is what happened at CrossFit for me mentally.

I’ve belonged to other gyms, and have done group fitness programs, but I’ve never had such a feeling of community at a

fitness facility. I like to think of what I do as part meditation, part practice in humility, and part physical exertion. Getting to the box in the morning changes the tone of my day. There’s something about looking fear in the eye, and not backing down that makes me believe that I can be stronger everyday. There is so much positive reinforcement from the other athletes and the coaches that I am motivated to work harder, move faster, and most of all squat lower. Hearing “good work” on a daily basis has given me a different perspective on almost everything I do. I look at life a little differently since I started CrossFit. The hardest part was making the commitment to myself. I will absolutely never forget Tim Paulson coaching me through my first benchmark workout (Fran). It was a life changing experience. I cannot stress enough how blessed I feel to be a part of this group of amazing people! I strongly suggest setting aside expectations and coming in with an open mind. You'll never know what you're capable of unless you try.

Lisa Snyder

My Testimony

My name is Lisa Snyder. I'm 50 years old, married and have 2 amazing daughters as well as 2 grandchildren I adore! I have spent most of my life being very active in various activities. I am a graduate of IHS 1980. In Jr. high and 1st 2 years of high school I was on the gymnastics's team, which I had great passion for. (as my mother could attest to constant hand stands in our living room, breaking things on a daily basis). I am very much a people person and I have appreciation for just about everyone I meet. Now that I find myself empty nested I have spent a great deal of time in the gym. I love to work hard and push myself past my comfort level! It gives me a real sense of achievement. Last November my friend Derek wanted to check out CrossFit Pallas. We went over to the box one day after a work out and spoke to Eamon, who is an amazing athlete that I admire as well as his partner in crime Tim, who is equally amazing. So the following week we began going to CrossFit Pallas 2 day's a week, which quickly turned into 3 day's a week due to the extreme, somewhat crazy passion for it! This is by far the hardest I have ever pushed myself, but not without great coaching andinspiration from ALL of the athletes at CFP! I am on an amazing fitness journey with all of these wonderful people, who I thank deeply for your constant encouragement! If there is only one goal I had to reach for, it would be to continue cross fit for many years to come!