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WOD 042616

15m – Dynamics

10m – Snatch Review

12m – Establish a heavy complex:

  • 2 Pocket Snatch + 2 OHS

This complex is very technical, and I don’t expect it to get super heavy. Technique > load today 100%, especially because M & W this week are rough! Things to focus on when coaching the pocket snatch:

  • Initiate the movement with a slight knee bend, and a small dip of the torso.
  • The bar should not drift down the thigh – it should stay in the hip crease
  • This movement focuses on speed & big, vertical extension
    • Use lots of power shrugs during the warm up. Prime that ‘trap to ear’, straight arm extension!

The biggest FLAWS we are looking to avoid today (all of which result in losing the bar forward/jumping forward):

  • Lazy lats (screw into the bar in the hip)
  • Missing full extension
  • Dipping into the toes versus the mid foot to initiate the movement

6m amrap:

10 Burpees (full extension, no jump)

10 Box Jumps 30”/24”

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