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WOD 052016

15m – Dynamics

15m – Handstand Drills & HSW Practice

Once we get athletes comfortably kicking up to the wall ‘normally’, make use of any of the following drills:

  • Nose to Wall Holds to improve positioning & be more relatable to how a HSW should feel
  • Partner spotting HSW in free space
  • Wall Walks for shoulder and core strength
  • Kick Ups 6’ away from the wall, and then HSW to the wall

In Teams of 3 – 3 rounds for reps, 1m per station:

  • WBS to 10’ Target
  • HSW (scaled with wall walks)
  • Dubs

There’s no need to keep score today because it would get hectic and waste time that could be spent on FITNESS. Just encourage athletes to push hard and have fun with friends!

Remaining time – shoulder mobilit

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