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Eamon Coyne.jpg

Eamon Coyne

Director of Operations
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

I started incorporating CrossFit into my regular weight training for the military, and eventually turning to it as the only training method I follow. I am constantly amazed by this community and its ability to bond people from different walks of life together to sweat it out, work hard, and take their fitness into their own hands and improve their lives. The biggest payoff for me as a coach is to see athletes setting, striving for, and achieving their goals. I love what I do and I love that I get to make a positive impact on people every day.

I believe that by coaching with empathy and compassion I can help anyone, regardless of improve their quality of life through hard work, desire for improvement, and a supportive community. Whether the athlete is a college football player or an 80-year-old grandmother CrossFit can be adapted to help them move safer and more efficiently. Once this base of essential movement patterns has been established our athletes add the factor of increasing intensity to improve their abilities further.

Military Service

  • US Navy (2004-2008)
  • Information Systems Techician, Second Class (AW)
  • Shipboard Deployments aboard the USS Ronald Reagan (2005/2007)
  • Land-based combat deployments to Iraq (2006) and Afghanistan (2007-2008)

Tim Paulson

Business Director
Head Coach
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

I truly believe that Crossfit, when done appropriately, is the best fitness regimen on the planet. It combines functional movements with a community atmosphere that helps individuals to not only reach new peaks of fitness, but also to stay committed with the positivity and support around them. With so many movements to explore and master, my work is never done; so there is always a new unicorn to chase.

Eamon introduced me to CrossFit while we were working with Ithaca College’s hockey team. I had already fallen in love with inspiring and teaching others, but CrossFit presented a new medium for which my passion quickly grew. Working through certifications, opening CrossFit Pallas, and helping others discover and develop their love for the practice has been so rewarding. I love watching our athletes progress from the first time they walk through our doors—being there to see movements ‘click’ for them and to share in their successes. Perhaps best of all is getting to see how their newly developed abilities in the gym affect their lives outside of the gym.

Janessa Ciaschi

General Manager
CrossFit Kids Coach
BIRTHFIT Regional Director
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I joined CrossFit Pallas as a member after already doing CrossFit for a time. I got hooked by meeting the incredible coaches (turned friends) at CFP, checking out the facility, and studying the programming. As a trained teacher, I appreciated that the coaches were self-motivated to constantly improve their own practice and pursuit of knowledge, both inside and outside of the gym.

This inspired me to begin my own journey as a coach in 2015 Since then, I’ve become a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and the BIRTHFIT Regional Director for BIRTHFIT Ithaca, working with women and families during the motherhood transition.

My fitness journey began when my oldest child was 2 years old. While I was certainly looking to get more fit and follow a healthier lifestyle, what I needed the most at that point in my life was a circle of support, something I felt I was really lacking as a new mom and a graduate student. Through the seasons of life, loss, and love, I found and continue to feel, that support at CrossFit Pallas.

The women, men, and families that make up this community are simply incredible. We are a team who will simultaneously challenge and encourage anyone who walks through the front doors. Whatever the story, everyone belongs here. This is why I coach and this is why I CrossFit.


Darrin Gardner

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

I’ve always sought the positive team environment and motivational atmosphere that athletics offers. The excitement of training and competition have consumed my life since high school. In college I pursued a career in soccer and basketball only to have it terminated by a career ending injury. This unwelcome change left me lost—like a fish out of water. I needed something new to motivate me.

Upon being introduced to CrossFit I knew I had found my new focus and I was hooked instantly. As a strength and conditioning coach and full time Exercise Science graduate student I saw great potential in CrossFit. CrossFit Pallas embodies all the positive features that CrossFit has to offer. It has become a headquarters for teamwork and inspiration for me and many others in this community. I am proud to be a part of this team and hope to help provide others find what CrossFit has given me.

Jana Leyden

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Gymnastics

I started coaching because Eamon encouraged me to get my Level 1 Training Certification after my first year at the gym. I had coached middle school and high school teams, which I enjoyed immensely, so I figured I’d love coaching CrossFit as well. Coaching at CrossFit Pallas has given me a chance to get to know the sport better and connect with athletes on a different level.

My favorite part about coaching is seeing the dedication that our members have to the sport and their fitness. I’m constantly inspired by the professionals, business owners, college students and the moms and dads who workout every day they can. These are the everyday heroes who come to the gym before the sun comes up or after a long day at work and push themselves to be better.

Andy Lonsky

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics

Growing up, team sports such as football and baseball afforded me friendship, team bonding, and a sense of community. Wrestling allowed me to gain self-confidence, independence, and a sense of self-awareness. I continued my athletics into high school where I competed in football and track, while working with athletic trainers to fine tune my performance. Playing for the Bombers at Ithaca College showed me new aspects of what it means to be an athlete—the challenges of being a student athlete, facing physical and mental roadblocks, and learning the importance of responsibility and self-accountability.

I started CrossFit after two years of post-college football because it provided an outlet for competition. CrossFit is a physical and mental challenge, is individually rewarding, and offers a great deal of variety from day to day. I find the community aspect of training and coaching at CrossFit Pallas especially amazing and I’m excited to share my passion with our members.

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Lex Santi

Crossfitter, yogi, international traveler, tri-linguist, dual masters degree holder, author and owner of the sweetest yoga-mutt summed up in a three letter word: Lex. I started doing crossfit in 2013 in the midst of personal turmoil and found that what could not be worked out with yoga could be worked out with a WOD or a proficient lift. I believe the balance between these two forces: the “yang” of CrossFit and the “yin” of a calm yoga practice could be a new religion, or at least keep your demon's away.

Jami Johnston

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I started Crossfit because I wanted a change from my redundant gym routine and wanted to try something new and challenging. Since graduating from college in 2000 I missed the daily competitiveness of organized sports and teamwork. Crossfit fed my competitive nature as well as a sense of community. I found it very humbling and challenging, which only fueled my fire to work harder and conquer my goals.

I have always been involved in sports and seem to naturally take on a leadership role when it comes to athletics. I have a passion for coaching and encouraging others and want them to experience the positive impacts of fitness in their lives, as well as the feeling that comes from being a part of a team or community like the one here at Crossfit Pallas. Shortly after beginning Crossfit I knew I wanted to become a coach. My coaches had also be sources of inspiration as teachers, mentors, and athletes. I received my Crossfit Level 1 Certificate in August of 2016 and spent several months shadowing/assisting with the Foundations Program here at Crossfit Pallas before beginning to coach solo.

There are so many reasons I enjoy coaching, but the part I love most is seeing athletes enjoy the process. From new athletes walking in the doors not knowing what to expect and looking slightly overwhelmed, then graduating from our Foundations Course, and then conquering their first WOD in our daily classes, to accomplishing goals they never thought possible. I love seeing our athletes’ confidence soar as they set new goals in fitness and life and grow to trust themselves more and more. Our coaches and athletes smile when they walk in the doors, greet each other as they have become new friends, cheer each other on during workouts, and then congratulate each other when they survive them. I have been a part of this journey myself as a new Crossfitter, and have seen it over and over ever since. I love everything about this process and am truly grateful to be a part of it as a coach here at Crossfit Pallas.

Kylie Triolo

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Facilities and Operations Manager

I started CrossFit in February 2013 as a way to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and to prepare for a Tough Mudder race. I had fallen off of my exercise regimen as the distractions of life took my time, but I decided it was time to get back on the train. When my now husband, Brent, and I stepped into Pallas, we never looked back.

I started coaching because I like to help people. I've always looked for ways to help improve people's lives, and this is an empowering and energizing way to do so. The thing that I love most about coaching is seeing progress, happiness and fulfillment of those that I coach. I also started coaching as a personal challenge. I'm not confident with public speaking, and coaching offers an opportunity to break through that barrier.

I earned a certificate in Integrative Nutrition Counseling from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014 and now work for Eat To Perform as an online nutrition coach. I help my clients achieve their health and wellness goals through macro planning. It's extremely rewarding to see progress and people reach their goals and I feel like all my efforts have come full circle as I put these practices together.

Sue Dozoretz.jpg

Sue Dozoretz

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Coaching at CrossFit Pallas means that I get to work with a coaching team of superheroes and a phenomenal community of athletes. Dream job! As a coach, I get to learn everyday from the amazing CrossFit community and help athletes discover that they are stronger than they think they are. It’s such a privilege to see our athletes break through barriers, learn new skills, and put in consistent work day in and day out.

I started CrossFit in 2012. I had been an athlete my whole life, but never picked up a barbell or been shown what to do with one. I walked into CrossFit Pallas and never looked back! At the time, I was looking for something to do during my off-season from women’s flat track roller derby that would increase my strength and help me stay injury free. That off-season training turned into a year-round pursuit. I loved how CrossFit helped me to become a better athlete and how Crossfit Pallas’s community helped to feed the fitness!

Jenn Lovell

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I was drawn to movement through dance in my early childhood. After choosing to pursue dance full time in college, I moved to NYC for the performing opportunities, culture, and adventure. Since waiting tables was physically exhausting when combined with dance training and performing, I branched out and went to school for a summer at NYU to obtain my Personal Training Certification. This experience opened the door to many other modalities of study and training for human movement. I went on to earn certifications in CrossFit, Restorative and Traditional Yoga, Pilates, and Reiki Energy Healing. This path has afforded me the ability to work closely with individuals and groups, incorporating a holistic view of health and fitness. In training and teaching, I try to meet someone where they are at on a given day, and work from there to find the best way to approach challenges and obstacles. This is truly my life’s passion and absolutely my favorite part of being a coach at CrossFit Pallas.

Lauree Myler

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Laura Hayduchok

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Until I graduated in 2013, I had always been involved in team sports. Suddenly, I found myself in a very sedentary desk job with no exercise built into my daily schedule. I tried to develop a consistent gym or running routine, but found I was in desperate need of an outlet that combined the physical, mental, and social aspects of team sports.

Through the encouragement of some friends, I found myself at ‘Bring a Friend’ day at CrossFit Pallas. The next week I was through Foundations and starting my first class. In addition to making fitness a regular part of my life again, CFP quickly became the place where I could leave everything at the door and take an hour of “me” time. Like many, I came for the fitness and stayed for the community.

After work, my favorite part of the day is coming to the gym to work out and coach. I love to see athletes repeatedly step up to challenges and find the strength to push through. Continuing to tackle a goal after failure and finally succeed develops that incredible grit in an individual.