September Featured Athlete - Kelly Skeval


1. Where are you from? I'm originally from Alfred, NY

2. What do you do for a living? I'm a Real Estate Agent and manage our family’s real estate investment properties.
3. What brought you into CFP? My husband, Matt, signed me up for the foundations course for my birthday. I was surprised, excited and super nervous!
4. You are such a busy wife, mom and real estate agent, what keeps you coming back? Oh man! There are so many reasons as to why I keep coming back so I'll just keep it to a few.  I spend my days serving and catering to others needs (my children, clients, tenants etc) but when I'm at CFP, that one hour is all about me. The workouts are written for me so I just have to show up and work through them. I don't have to think at all, no answering questions, no doing anything for anyone but myself.  That's my biggest reason I keep returning. Second, I've been involved in sports and exercise since I was little. Crossfit is the only form of exercise I've found that makes me this strong and this fit with such a small amount of time invested per week. Last, but certainly not least, I love this community. Everyone says it, but the CFP community is one of my favorites. 
5. What’s your favorite movement? I've been really enjoying the gymnastics lately. 
6. What’s your least favorite movement? The snatch, ugh!
7. If you could write a wod, what would it look like? Hmmm well selfishly I like WODs with gymnastics and running. I'm not real strong so my better WODs involve things like TTB, pull-ups and movements that I can move through quickly.
8. What are some CF goals you’ve crossed off? I recently got my first bar muscle up and kipping hand stand pushups!
9. What are some future goals you have at CFP? I have a lot of fun here.  Life gets hard and sometimes it gets in the way and it can become difficult to show up.  Really my only goal is to continue to show up consistently and push myself just a little harder each day.
10. What do you do for self care? I try to stretch for a few minutes after every class. I see Dr. Gardner for adjustments and Teri Hornsby for massages. I'm always reading a book on personal development book!
11. What do you do for fun outside of work and CF? I spend time with my husband and kiddos!  Matt and I have busy schedules and he works crazy hours. Sometimes it's just time at the house, sometimes it's being together while we work on one of our apartments and other times it's fun day trips. As long as we're all together and focusing on us I'm one happy lady!  Our favorite thing to do is to have dinner picnics down at Taughannock when the weather is nice.
12. What’s your favorite restaurant? Oh geez...I don't have just one. Agava, Just a Taste and Luna are tops on my list!
13. Does Matt have a (cooking) speciality? He is a GREAT cook. He has perfected cooking eggs! They're so buttery and not at all macro friendly.  He cooks them for me every morning after we workout.
14. Do you think your children will do CF? Our older two are very competitive. Everything is a race, eating, buckling in their carseats, etc., so I think they're built for it but I'm not sure if Lia will get in to it. Matthew loves it! He often will workout next to Matt, he has a barbell and kettlebell. Mr. Tim and Mr. Darrin are two of his biggest idols.
15. If you were on a deserted island, what’s the one piece of CF equipment you’d bring? Probably a kettlebell, right? I mean you can do so much with one of those!
16. What would you say to someone that’s hesitant about starting CF? Do not be intimidated, every movement can be modified. People always seem to be looking for the secret to looking and feeling fit. Like a get fit quick scheme... I feel like I found it at CFP.  One hour a day, a few days a week and I've seen more people (including myself) than I can count experience amazing body (and mind) transformations!


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