Heather Cooper - August - AOM

What's your favorite workout?

All of them, really!  But if I had to pick one, I would say 16.4, even though it had those dreadful, hateful wallballs!

What's your least favorite workout?

Karen. Period. No need to explain, right?

If you were stranded on an island, what's the 1 book you would bring?

A photo album of my husband, my kids, my Goddesses, my family and dearest friends.

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What brought you into Pallas?

To be honest, Jana and Andy did. We used to do Joey Durgin's Island Extreme at Island and it was soooo fun! Lifting tires, pushing sleds, wall balls, kettle bell swings was so fun but it was only 1 day a week but it was my favorite! Jana and Andy joined CFP before us and talked it up for about 6 months and so J Coop and I finally bit.

What have you learned about yourself during your CF journey?

Oh boy. I've learned that the number on the scale is totally irrelevant. I've learned that I am surprisingly tenacious and strong. I've learned that muscles are dead effing sexy and that fitness is about how well you can lift a 50# coal bag or a 50# chicken feed bag or carry multiple bags of groceries or a case of wine to your car and tell the attendant, "no problem, I got this." Fitness is about how well you can perform in everyday tasks, as you age, without assistance. It's not about physique or a dress size, for God's sake! That is so refreshing.

What's your why? Why do you CrossFit?

I CrossFit because it is the THING (besides my awesome husband) that keeps me going. I can't imagine life without my pain cave comrades. I love the gains. I love that I can do oh-so-much now that I couldn't do in my twenties! It makes me feel accomplished and proud and part of a community that I love.

What are some goals you have?

Ha ha. Here's a funny one. I want to beat Midge at ANYTHING! (Love you Midge. I chase your strong butt). I want to age with strength and flexibility. I want to be physically independent for as long as this earth will have me. As far as concrete strength goals go, I'd love to keep hitting PRs but that's not my main focus. It's being healthy and happy and moving. Let's face it, I'm not getting any younger and I am just trying to beat the aging process!

What are some goals you've accomplished? (That 200# BS was badass!)

Ha! Thanks! That was surprising! This might sound weird but I've reestablished a connection with my J Coop in fitness and really, that's the best. I've got my deadlift at 255 which shocked me (thank you Leslie Brunker) and I've got a 7 minute and 30 second plank going on. Haha. I'm good with all of that.

What do you like to do outside of the gym?

I love to entertain at my house and I love planning events and parties. I love good times! I also really enjoy reading biographies and historical fiction.

What would you tell someone that's nervous or hesitant to start CrossFit? What do you have to lose?

Seriously. Check your fear and do it anyway. CrossFit is not for everyone but you will never know unless you try and isn't that a damn shame?

What do you do for a living?

I am the Internship Coordinator and Job Developer for the Career and Tech Center at TST BOCES. I basically put kids into internships and coach them through career and/or college paths.

What's your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza or Chipotle.

If you could eat only 1 thing the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza. It's so versatile! You can have mexican pizza, greek pizza, white garlic pizza, standard meat and veggie pizza, Hawaiian pizza..... you get the point.

What CrossFit moment are you most proud of?

Oh boy. Well, I went to Rumble in the Roc in February of 2015 with a lot of peeps from CFP. I hit my 1RM for cleans and won the L sit but failed miserably at the wall balls (no surprise) but I didn't quit when I wanted to just lay down and cry. At the end, I won an award called the Heart Award. It was a judges vote on who gave the most heart during the competition and they picked me bc I did not give up on those wall balls. I must have no-repped at least 50 times but I finished... in tears. I'm proud of that moment.

Who's your favorite CrossFitter?

This is easy. Hands down, Jana Leyden. She is ... I can't even say. She inspires me and coaches me. She busts her ass and is very humble, which I think is quite noble in this community. She is my favorite CrossFitter.

  1. Do you have any embarrassing CrossFit stories? Well so one day we were doing double unders, which I struggle with, and I was going along and peeing a bit in my shorts but I thought, no big deal, nobody will notice. Well. I went into the locker room at the end and believe me, it was like Helloooooo!!!! You peed your pants!!!! So embarrassing.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am honored and humbled beyond words to be nominated for this recognition. I love all of you and it is a pleasure to cheer you on, be cheered on by all of you and live in the pain cave with you. Love to you all.

Eamon Coyne