Gustavo Cerna - July - AOM

Everyone is so amazed by your Superman like strengths, have you always been really strong?

I have always done exercise, but never saw any physical or strength benefits until I started CF.

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Tell me a little about yourself, where you are from, work, sports, etc.

I just graduated from Cornell with a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics and I will be returning to Nicaragua to work in my family’s Coffee and Cocoa farming business. Before Ithaca, I lived in Seattle, Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia. I used to be a Starbucks partner (employee) for the last three years.

Brent always has me try new things first, did you and Alex start CF together? What made you start CF?

-Alex started CF before me, then I copied her. Alex insisted that CF was a better than what I did, so I gave it try, and no regrets!

What's your favorite WOD or movement or both?


What's your least favorite WOD or movement or both?

-Establishing a max lift in a specific amount of time!

What is a goal that you have completed at Pallas?

-Learned to hook grip and love it!

What would you tell someone on the fence about starting CrossFit?

-Its addicting, and it will change your life for the better.

Do you have a favorite CrossFitter and why?

-Not really.

Do you have an embarrassing CrossFit story?

-One time while doing HS walk, I landed in a bucket of chalk!

What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?

-Ride Horses, Travel, Hike, Drink Coffee, Play Soccer, Drink Beer (Ithaca Flower Power- New favorite)

What's your favorite food?

-Churrasco (Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce) and Refried Beans.

What are your future CrossFit goals and how do you plan to complete them?

-500 Lb. Deadlift, and 5:00, Mile, Sub 2:30 Fran. I Plan to keep training wherever I go. No excuses.

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