Mike Fontanza - November - AOM

What are some CF goals you've completed? 

Getting to this point. I remember when I first started I was concerned with getting through the foundations course, now almost the first
thing I do in the morning is look up the WOD.

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Where are you from?

Brooklyn son! But Ithaca is my hometown.

What do you do for a living?

Software Engineer

What brought you into CrossFit Pallas?

In March I weighed 240 lbs, blood sugar levels were off the chart (Type II diabetic), and had high blood pressure. I knew I had to make a change or face some serious long term health issues. I've been to the gym before but always had a hard time staying motivated and pushing myself, and needed something to do both. Heard from a friend about the Pallas and been in love ever since.

What's your proudest CF moment?

Definitely running a complete mile without stopping, then doing 50 burpees! Thanks to my 6:30pm click for getting me through that!

What's your favorite movement or workout?

'Fight Gone Bad' - no idea why but I had "fun" and it helped having Coach JoRo keep the motivation to the max.

What's your least favorite movement or workout?

Begins with a B and rhymes with slurpee.

If you could design your own workout, what would it look like?

Well for one it wouldn't involve any running. At most maybe a nice casual stroll to the side of the building to do some stretching. Then just some heavy lifting/weights crashing/music blasting. Maybe throw in some Dubs.

What are some CF future goals that you plan to crush?

TTB (so close), HSPU, Dubs...I guess the thing which begins with a B and rhymes with slurpee.

What do you like to do outside of CFP?

I like going to the theater (both stage plays and movies), paintballing, pool, going to sporting events.

If you could have only one kind of pie for the rest of your life, what kind would it be? (pizza pie counts ;) )

Coconut pie...

What's your favorite food?

Not to feed into any stereotypes here but I love arroz con gandules!

If you could have dinner with 1 famous person, who would it be and why?

Yoda - for being so wise and strong with the force how did he not see their demise coming!?!

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Fall. Jana and Andy got together then - 'nough said (they're my favs)

Do you have any animals?

Nope. But I like dogs.

Where's your favorite place to eat in Ithaca?

There's a lot of good places but if I had to choose one it would be Ciao.

If you could get free airfare to any country in the world, where would you go and why?

Finland - Igloo Village to stay in a glass roofed-igloo and view the northern lights.

Favorite band?

Does Biggie count?

What would you tell someone that's on the fence about trying CrossFit?

Take the leap. Crossfit has helped with my transformation (both physical and mental).

Any last comments?

When I first started looking into Crossfit Pallas I kept seeing a common thread which was community. Everyone talked about this great community. Once I joined it was very evident what they were talking about and I have come to witness it firsthand. From the owners, coaches, competitors, and good ol' common folk (like myself) - every person is inspiring, encouraging, and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. The people here have truly become ¡Mi gente!

Eamon Coyne