October Featured Athlete - Kat Martin

Kat & Lauree.jpg

1. Where are you from?

I am from this region of NY - I grew up in Odessa and Watkins Glen, attended Ithaca College, and have lived in the Ithaca area on and off ever since.

2. What brought you to CrossFit Pallas?

After hearing about the transformative powers and general badassness of CrossFit for years, my good friend Lauree Myler finally convinced me to attend a "bring a friend" class last year. I signed up right after that and I've never looked back!

3. What do you do for a living?

Right now I work at GreenStar and as a K-5 afterschool program counselor at Fall Creek Elementary. I also maintain a side-hustle caring for peoples’ animals and houses while they are out of town. For the past few winters, I have traveled to northern Minnesota to work as a sled dog handler at a women's dog sledding and nature retreat! I originally worked there to fulfill my senior year internship requirement as a Recreation Management major, and have returned most years since! Before coming back to Ithaca, I also worked for two AmeriCorps programs that had a profound effect on my life: The National Civilan Community Corps and the Western Colorado Conservation Corps. Currently, my dream job is a surfing and snowboarding instructor, or something else that keeps me active and outside engaging with people and/or animals.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Next month I am moving to Bend, Oregon in the 14 ft camper that I have been working on for the past 2 years, and am stoked to see where this adventure takes me! In 5 years I see myself still "living tiny," learning how to surf and play the harmonica, adopting a dog, and continuing to learn, grow and challenge myself by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

5. What’s your favorite vegetable?

Snap peas.

6. What’s your biggest CF accomplishment?

Competing in the I-Town Throwdown with Lauree! I also did The Open last winter - both of these events were totally pushing my comfort zone, but I had a great time and grew from the experience.

7. What are your future CF goals?

I am striving to make every rep a conscious, quality movement. I would also love to finally master consistent double unders, toes to bar, and pull ups! More so, I would like to continue with CrossFit throughout every stage of life - it’s awesome to workout along side athletes of all ages and abilities. The badass CrossFit mommas inspire me the most!

8. What do you do for self care?

Put on a face mask, drink tea, laugh, stretch in the sun, listen to music and podcasts (Wild Ideas Worth Living is my newest jam), dance, and spend time outside.

9. If you could write a WOD, what would it look like?

A partner workout with many rounds of 200m sprints, plank holds, and over head squats.

10. Does everyone in your family have gorgeous hair like you?!

Haha thanks! I get it from my Momma.

11. If you could bring one piece of gym equipment with you on vacation, what would it be?

A kettle bell - they are fun and versatile!

12. What’s your favorite season and why?

I love winter! The gray days are brutal, but the bright, snowy, sunny days are so wonderful and energizing. Weirdly, I like when my face feels numb and I enjoy being a little chilly (but who knows what I’ll say this spring after surviving a winter living in the camper). Winter is also a great setting for feasting on hearty meals with lots of bread, cheese, heavy soups, and basically anything hobbits eat.

13. Beer, cider, liquor, wine or neither?

Beer! Or dry red wine.

14. Favorite restaurant in Ithaca?

Just A Taste, but I don't go out to eat very much because I work at a grocery store so I am always inspired and surrounded by new foods and I love to cook.

15. What’s your favorite meal?

Tacos have always been #1.

16. What motivates you to come to CrossFit?

Every day I go to CrossFit, I am building on what I have accomplished before. With each workout, I grow closer to reaching and achieving my personal fitness goals, whether it be gaining a new movement, completing more quality reps, or lifting heavier weight. The days I reach a new accomplishment, I celebrate quietly and then raise the bar and set new goals. CrossFit provides endless challenge and opportunities to grow. This has had a profound effect on my physical health, and also my self-esteem and confidence levels navigating everyday life.

17. What’s your favorite thing to do on a fall day?

Go for a hike and have a picnic.

18. What would you tell someone that’s hesitant to start CrossFit?

Go for it! You will be surrounded by a friendly, supportive, positive community that will inspire you to challenge yourself and put forth your best effort each and every day, both in the gym and out in life. Starting CrossFit was such a great decision and I plan to keep it up!

Tim Paulson