June Featured Athlete - Karine Gendron


Where are you from?

Northern Quebec, above the tree line

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What brought you to Ithaca?

Cornell's solid reputation in my field of work - sounded fun for a temporary assignment

What brought you to CFP?

My lucky star. I had just moved to Ithaca, had never heard of CrossFit and needed to lift weights (more in #6).

What do you do for a living?

I teach veterinary radiology

Do you have a favorite animal?

I love them all, but cats impress me most

Do you have any pets?

A miracle of felid miniaturization named Cesare

What's your greatest accomplishment at CFP?

Consistency. Slow progress has kept CF fun for me, and for not having any natural abilities at this I am grateful. I will tell any captive audience how hip pain plagued my adult life. The mantra I would hear at run club was "Athletes have tight hips", and believed I just needed to stretch more. Only in my early 40's was I diagnosed with a hip malformation (femoral head impingement syndrome) that had led to premature degenerative changes. In 2015, cortisone joint injections stopped doing anything for me, and I would be in pain day and night. The orthopedist surgeon's only answer was hip replacement surgery. I consulted with a physiotherapist who suggested I strengthen my glutes, that increased tone might keep the femoral heads in more tightly. I started lifting weights on my own, but that was isolating, and really, most days I need upbeat comrades and a coach's gentle scream. Come CrossFit - the ultimate game changer for me. Not only are my hips not painful anymore (unless hyperflexed), but the flat feet I'd had my entire life have corrected themselves (I had no idea that was reversible), and my back feels soooo strong. While I am now realistically contemplating a future without hip surgery, I cannot help but wonder why the whole planet is not crossfitting.

That's incredible progress and we all wonder that too!

What's your favorite workout or movement at CrossFit?

Deadlifts! I remember how excited I once had been at lifting my body weight. Ha, how green I was then.

What's your least favorite CF workout or movement?

Anything that involves squatting deep while holding heavy weights above head.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Ithaca? What do you get from there?

Once in a while, the call of Mahogany Grill's Mahogany Burger makes itself too loud to ignore.

What do you do outside of work and CF?

I love to cook, and these days, I need a dose of late-night comedy to keep me sane.

Do you have a favorite comedian?

Stephen Colbert

What's your athletic background?

Long distance anything - you name it, but mostly swimming, running, road cycling. In hindsight, these all resulted in me coming back home completely wiped out, and needing a nap before resuming intellectual work of any sort. CrossFit on the other hand energizes, and allows me to attack a textbook at 9pm after my usual evening session.

Beer, wine, liquor or neither?

Red, dry with strong tannins, or ice cold and bitter as heck.

If you eat burgers, what do you put on it?

Cheese and caramelized onions.

What's your favorite season?

Fall - soup season!

Do you have a favorite soup?

True to my Quebecer roots, I would have to answer pea soup.

Do you have a favorite author or book?

A book I have read twice and will read again: Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure by James W. Davidson. It is the account of the ill-fated canoe expedition of an American journalist in the early 1900', and of his no-BS wife' determination to succeed where he failed. Being very familiar with the environment helps appreciate these fascinating journeys, but the book is so very nicely written it matters not whether one has ever set foot in the taiga. It explores themes such as the limits of endurance and loyalty. On National Geographic's list of 100 Best Adventure Books of All Time for a good reason.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, were would you go?


If you were on a deserted island, what one piece of CF equipment would you bring? What food would you bring?

A 24kg kettlebell. For swings, protection and crushing coconuts. I would make sure to bring peanut butter.

What would you tell someone that's on the fence about trying CF?

Want your life back?

May Featured Athlete - Allen Gallow

Where are you from?

Groton, NY (Born and Raised)

What do you do for a living?

I am a mechanical engineer working at BorgWarner as a systems application engineer in the engine timing systems group.

Moe's or Chiptole?

Moe's. No question. Is it the queso?! The queso helps!

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What brings you to CrossFit Pallas?

The initial thing that brought me to CrossFit Pallas was the fact that I was overweight, out of shape and not happy about it! Seeing the unique combination of Olympic lifting and gymnastics was the element of the sport that made me want to choose CrossFit Pallas as the fitness style in which I would be curing my initial ailment.

What do you like to do outside of CrossFit?

The better question may be what don't I like to do outside of Crossfit? I fit the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none". Some of my more favorable things to do outside of Crossfit are to go stand up paddle boarding with my Fiance, go hiking/camping, travel, visit breweries with family, and well, drink beer!

Do you have a favorite brewery?

Locally I enjoy Hopshire, with a short travel I like to go to Prison City Brewery in Auburn, and then in Maine Bissell Brothers and Foundation Brewing Company are both great!

What's your favorite beer?

Either Maine Island Trail Ale from Rising Tide or Epiphany from Foundation.

What are your CF goals?

I try to have one Olympic lifting goal and one gymnastics/body weight movement goal at a time. The latest on this list is to improve my Squat Snatch form and to build strength/technique to get more than 1 Strict HSPU's in a row!

What are some CF goals you crossed off the list?

The three most recent goals that have been crossed off the lift have been a 400+ lb DL, and both ring and bar muscle ups.

What's your favorite meal?

Difficult question. Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and asparagus (and a nice IPA of course) is always good!

Made by you? Me and my girlfriend often cook this one together.

Do you like to cook?

Not as much as I like to eat!

Do you have a favorite CrossFit Athlete?

On the girls side: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. On the guys side: Tim Paulson! No contest!

If you could write one wod, what would it look like?

FT: 800m run followed by 21, 15, 9 of Power Snatches, DUBS, and pull ups

What's the weight on that? Something not too heavy. Maybe 95lb?!?!

Any movements you hate?

Burpees and any variation thereof...

I heard we're doing 12.1 next week...just kidding ;)

Also, how come the day after I wrote these responses burpees were programmed into the workout? Is this just some scheme to find out what people hate??? LOL Just kidding.

Featured Athletes - Julia & Wendy!

What's your athletic background?

I was a runner in high school; both a sprinter and long distance! I was on every cross-country and track & field team throughout middle and high school. Our teams were very successful and I’ve had wonderful opportunities to compete in multiple state championship meets in both sports. I love running and I loved the competition. All the support I found through my coaches and teammates in high school is so similar to what I have now at the gym. ~ Julia Tantillo

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Name: Wendy Tarlow

Job Title: Associate University Counsel, Cornell University

Where you grew up: West Hartford CT

Favorite band: Avett Bros

Hobbies: Crossfit, biking, hiking, acquiring pets

Fav food: Do Margaritas count as food?

What made you start CrossFit?

I started Crossfit back in 2009 when Clea Weiss opened the first Crossfit in Ithaca. I was looking for a new challenge, and I was hooked instantly. I was an original member of CFP. I’ve taken breaks over the years, but so glad to be back!

What's your athletic background?

I was a competitive freestyle skier. Over the years, I’ve taught a variety of fitness classes, also well as teaching downhill and telemark skiing, and windsurfing.

Everyone at CFP has really grown to love your relationship with Julia and we've been inspired by your togetherness during The Open. Have you guys always been like that or has CF brought you even closer together?

I am absolutely delighted (and a little surprised) that Julia chooses to workout with me every day! For me, there is no greater motivation than to try to earn her respect in the gym. For the many years of Julia’s running career, her dad and I were the cheering parents on the sideline. Training together takes our bond to a different level. I love to watch her improve and I love that she takes delight in my improvements. We are both fiercely competitive, so it’s fun to compete against her once in a while. I can beat her in a couple of WODs, but not for much longer.

Do you have any pets?

Don’t get me started. We have always indulged ourselves and our kids with animals: dogs, cats, chickens, and sheep. Julia is the resident “cat-whisperer” for her uncanny ability to tame the ferals that we bring home.

Favorite season & why?

Fall. No question. Hikes in the woods, cool temps, the season of our wedding.

What's your favorite book?

Traveling Mercies, by Anne LaMott

Do you have any siblings?

2 older sisters, 1 older bro.

What do your friends think about your doing CF?

A lot of my friends do CF. For those who don’t, including my dear husband, they all know that I’m a much nicer person when I start my day at CFP.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Doing muscle-ups in reality, not just in my dreams.

What are your CF goals?

I love to see how strong I can get, but my real passion is teaching. I would love to expand my fitness career by teaching CF. I think CF has tremendous potential for changing young and older women’s self-confidence and body image. I would love to be a part of that.

What CF goals have you already reached?

After two hip surgeries, I’ve had to retrain on most of the basic CF movements. For me, it’s been a huge accomplishment just to get back into the gym on a consistent basis and not to beat myself up for not being able to do what I once could. I haven’t been able to do box jumps for years. I did them in the Open. I also didn’t have TTB, but I got those in the Open too. These movements are clearly not a big deal for many other athletes at CFP. They are for me. I know it’s crazy, but each little accomplishment make me grin for days. Right now, I have only one goal: as Tim says, to “trust the process.” Show up, work hard, repeat again tomorrow. I love training with the 6 a.m. class and with the 7 a.m. crew of Brent, Andrew, Julie, and Julia.

What's your favorite movements?

Lifting heavy things.

Least favorite?

Running and the pull-ups that I don’t have.

If you could write a wod/strength piece, what would it look like?

I like to train my weaknesses, so probably something with running. And weighted walking lunges.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 piece of CF equipment with you, what would it be?

35lb kettlebell, without question.

If you could eat 1 meal with no ramifications of the macros in it, what would it be?

Nachos and margaritas.

What would you tell someone that's on the fence about joining CF?

Come talk to me. CF is not about the exercise. It’s about being part of a community of people who will motivate you, celebrate your successes, and help you reach your fitness goals.

Anything you'd like to add?

As Julia’s mom, I want to add a special thank you to all of the amazing women at CFP, including, but not limited to, Janessa, Jami, Kylie, Caitlin, Lyndsey, Julie, Rachel, and the whole 6 am crew. You are incredible role models for her, and thank you for that.

Name: Julia Tantillo

Job Title: Student @ Cornell University

Where you grew up: Trumansburg, NY

Favorite band: Hard question…I listen to anything and everything. Always love finding new music for my spin classes.

Hobbies: Crossfit, hiking, biking, knitting, eating

Fav food: Another hard question…either salmon or sweet potato fries

What made you start CrossFit?

I had always considered starting Crossfit when my mom got involved years ago. Once starting college, I got very involved with fitness, attending group fitness classes on campus and then becoming an instructor. It’s a great experience being able to be a positive influence for my peers. I think I was really starting to miss competing and working to get better at something. Back in the fall, I remember the day I started thinking about starting CF for real. I texted my mom and said “Would you come back to Crossfit if I did it?” she said yes and next thing I knew I was signed up for Foundations and now here we are.

Everyone at CFP has really grown to love your relationship with your mom and we've been inspired by your togetherness during The Open. Have you guys always been like that or has CF brought you even closer together?

I would say we’ve become closer through CF. Although she always cheered me on at races and was involved with my athletic life growing up, it’s a whole different experience to actually be working out together and having similar goals. It adds a whole new level to a typical mother/daughter relationship.

Do you have any pets?

Sure do! Some will say we’re running quite low right now in regards to numbers, but we still love our collection of cats, dogs, chickens, and sheep.

Favorite season & why?

Autumn – I love to watch the leaves changing color and having lots of apples to eat!

What's your favorite book?

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Do you have any siblings?

I have a younger sister, Sophia.

What do your friends think about your doing CF?

They think I’m crazy for waking up and going to bed so early (not the typical college schedule) but also say it’s super cool and impressive :)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll be out of school by then, no clue where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing but doing something that I enjoy and makes me happy. It’s all about enjoying the process right?

What are your CF goals?

Well, one goal was to simply compete in my first Open, so check! My other goals include to stay healthy, injury-free, and to continue to build strength and mental endurance. Oh and DUBs. I want DUBs.

What CF goals have you already reached?

I finished the Open, and I’m pleased with how it went! Other milestones include figuring out TTB, kipping pull-ups, and HSPU.

What's your favorite movements?

Burpees! Cleans! Wall-balls!

Least favorite?

Overhead squats, wall-walks, and snatches

If you could write a wod/strength piece, what would it look like?

Something with squat cleans, running, and burpees.

400m run



Squat cleans



400m run

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 piece of CF equipment with you, what would it be?


If you could eat 1 meal with no ramifications of the macros in it, what would it be?

A huge bacon cheeseburger, side of tator tots, and finish it off with a coffee milkshake.

What would you tell someone that's on the fence about joining CF?

Do it. You don’t have anything to lose and you’ll have the support of the entire community as you’re navigating it all in the beginning. Just take a chance. You’ll be challenged and will grow in ways you never thought possible. And yes, anyone really can be an athlete and a superstar.

Anything you'd like to add?

There’s nothing but gratitude in my heart for all of the coaches and community members of CFP. The Open was a really special experience, seeing everyone come out to support each other every week. Even more special though, is waking up on a daily basis knowing that I’ll go down to the gym, put myself through a crazy hard workout, and no matter how I’m feeling or what my school workload is like, I’ll always have the smiling faces of the 6am crew to start my day off right. Thank you all for that! Keep kicking ass!

Rachel Fives - March - AOM

AOM - March - Rachel Fives.jpg

What brought you to CF?

I was looking for Personal Training sessions and met Darrin while he was at Black Irish.  Shortly after that, he became full time at CFP.  When I was doing my sessions with Darrin, I saw these crazy people doing CrossFit.  I didn’t think that I could do it, and being around all those new people seemed scary, but Darrin told me I should give it a try.  I ended up buying a 10 pass punch card and it was pretty clear I was staying (at CFP) after the 3rd class.


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What do you do for a living?

I am a Construction Project Manager at CU in Central Facilities, currently doing a rotational assignment as the Project Intake Manager.

You are also going to school, what are you studying?

I am pursuing a Master’s of Science in Human Environment Relations at the College of Human Ecology at Cornell. With a concentration in Facilities Planning & Management.

What’s your athletic background like before CF?

I was a competitive swimmer from age 4 until I was 16 and swam recreationally before I started CF. I played soccer when I was kid and coached Youth Soccer in Tioga County for 4 years before CF. I also water and downhill ski. When I stopped swimming in HS, I started running to stay in shape. I moved to Chicago in 1998, and I met a bunch of people who ran. I ended up signing up for a Speed Class (running) and met a good friend that was signed up for the Chicago Marathon, and I was too. I ran it in 1999 under 4 hours! (Ask Artie his marathon times… ) I’ve also run 10Ks, 15Ks, half marathons, etc.

What’s your favorite CF movement?

I like to do almost everything- it would be easier to say what i don’t like.

Ok, what’s your least favorite movement?

Burpees. Actually, Darrin made me do dumbbell burpee box step ups. Those sucked.

What makes you get out of bed to make it to the 6am class so consistently?

All my peeps at the gym. There is an energy at the 6am class that’s indescribable - it’s an amazing group of people and coaching staff. AND, knowing if I get my workout done in the early morning, it’s done and I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.

If you could write a WOD, what would it look like?

Cash in:

100 DUBS Chipper:

50 GHDs 1 rope climb 40 Power cleans 65# 1 rope climb 30 OHS 65# 1 rope climb 20 pullups 1 rope climb Cash Out:

100 dubs

What do you do for self-care?

I ROMWOD 3 days/week I see Dr. Sarah 1/week I drink BCAAs I eat really healthy What do you like to do outside of CF and work?

I hang out with my husband, go to dinner with my friends, I garden in the summer, and walk my dogs.

What’s a goal(s) you have for the 2017 Open?

I would like to RX everything, if possible. I also want to not stress out about it and minimize the stress that can surround The Open at the gym. Also, Artie and I are taking pictures this year and I really want to capture the excitement, the first time experiences, PRs, and great coaching moments.

What’s a long term CF goal you have?

When I turn 55, I’m going to still be really strong, and I’m going to compete in the Masters Division in the Open and rock it. Also, I eventually want to be able to do everything; pistols, increase squat depth, muscle ups.

What’s a CF goal you’ve crossed off the list?

When I started working out at CF, I was more concerned with body composition and getting lean. I wanted to look like athletes I’d seen in sports I liked. I wanted to look like Eva Wahlstrom, a boxer. Now, I don’t want to look like someone else, and I’m trying to put less emphasis on body composition and more on strength. I want to be really strong and look like myself.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be?


What would you tell someone that’s hesitant to try CF?

The coaches at CFP will help you be successful and not to feel intimidated because everyone starts at the beginning. The coaches and community at CF have changed my life and I am so thankful to have found Pallas. People here work really, really hard and are incredibly inspiring and encouraging.

What’s your favorite book?

I have 2: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving.

What’s your favorite meal to splurge your macros on?

Pasta…I had a dish at Harry Tony’s in Cortland that I would have all the time if I could. It was Chicken Riggies - chicken breast, hot peppers, tomato filets & onion in creamy wine sauce over rigatoni.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Darrin has been a huge influence on me as a coach, as a person and is a massive reason why I’m successful at CF. He really pushed to try as hard as I can, to be a good example, to focus, to work on my technique so I stay uninjured, to have faith in myself and to trust the coaches there. If it wasn’t for Darrin, there are so many things I wouldn’t have given a chance. Because I trusted Darrin so much, it made me trust the other coaches at the gym and the process more. I wouldn’t have given CF a thought if it wasn’t for Darrin.

In addition, Kylie has been unbelievably helpful to me with nutrition goals. She has been a grounding force for my consistency with the Eat to Perform macro goals she set up for me. Her help and encouragement and co-conspiracy had been fantastic.

Sue Irvine - February - AOM

What brought you to CFP?

To get fit! I did martial arts for about 16 years and was plagued by pain/injuries in my back and knees. Much to my surprise things didn’t get better when I stopped practicing. I want to build strength and do it the right way so I can prevent injury and then keep that level of fitness as I get older.

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What type of software?

Web-based data portals for students and faculty, and the back-end systems that staff use to support them. Until recently I developed in ASP.NET but I recently have branched out into CRM (customer relationship management) software in the Cloud.

Do you like to play video games?

Not too long ago I was pretty addicted to World of Warcraft but gave that up when I realized it was taking up most of my spare time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to garden (vegetables), cook (especially BBQ – I own 3 smokers!), and hike the Finger Lakes Trail.

OH!! Tell me more about the 3 smokers! How'd you get into it? What's your favorite thing to cook on your smoker?

My father loved to grill and taught me about fire management and cooking outside. I got interested in smoking after eating at Dinosaur BBQ and watching TV shows like BBQ Pitmasters. There's a place that sells smokers in Marathon, not far from my house, and they had a cooking class one weekend by a Pitmaster who had designed a series of smokers. After taking that class I was totally hooked! My favorite thing to cook on my smoker is brisket. Tri-tip is a close second.

Other than your own, where was the best BBQ that you had?

The BBQ I ate at the class I mentioned above was probably some of the best I've had. Dinosaur BBQ also has some good q! I'm partial to Texas style.

Do you have a favorite veggie recipe you'd like to share? A lot of members at CFP have gardens!

I grow a lot of tomatoes and always end-up with way too many. So I love to make a basic marinara sauce, which I can in a pressure cooker, and give out as Christmas gifts. It's a really basic sauce that can be customized for a variety of uses. It consists of:

1 sweet onion, diced

3-4 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tsp of fresh thyme

Peeled, seeded, crushed fresh tomatoes - I try to picture how many would fit into about 3-4 large cans.

Sweat the onions in some olive oil, add the garlic and thyme until fragrant then stir in the tomatoes. Let simmer for about 30 minutes or so. (will take longer if you're not using sauce tomatoes as there will be more water). Use an immersion blender to smooth it out and add salt & pepper to taste.

What keeps you at CFP?

What I’m enjoying most is the weight lifting. As a kid I used to watch the weightlifting in the summer Olympics and wish I could try it – now I finally can!

If you could write a WOD or a weightlifting day, what would it look like?

This is hard since I'm so new! I guess I would like to combine cleans and jerks together (I've only done them separately), and if I was going to throw in some non-weight lifting moves for variety, it would have to be wall balls.

Do you have a favorite place to visit or a favorite vacation?

I would love to do a BBQ crawl through central Texas, although I also suspect that could get old pretty quickly.

Do you have any animals?

I have two rescue cats that I try very hard to spoil - Ember and Izzy.

What would you tell someone that's on the fence about trying CF?

I guess I would say "Go for it! It will be really challenging but also a lot of fun. And CFP has a great group of coaches and fellow students who are so nice and supportive and will help you every step of the way".Anything else you'd like to add?

I would like to add a shout-out to my co-workers and fellow CFPers Shawna, Shawna and Torrey. It was their enthusiasm and encouragement that convinced me to give CFP a try. Thanks!!

Kylie Triolo - January - AOM

Athlete of the Month - January - Kylie Triolo.jpg

What does it mean to be chosen as the Athlete of the Month?

It means a lot. It is such a great honor because each and every coach that nominated me, I look up to. To hear such positive words come from them, really lifted me up. I haven’t had the best year- several injuries, so this really turned all of that around. There are so many people here that deserve this honor, and to be picked makes me feel super awesome.

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Kylie, you’re a well recognized face in CrossFit Pallas, a coach and part of the competitor squad, and about to strap your weight lifting belt a team competitor at Wodapalooza.

Can you tell us a little bit about what it is like to get injured and the feelings you have about that process of healing your body?

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it stinks. The beautiful thing about CF is that everything is scalable. You can get a great workout while being injured. The show must go on, so it does.

The process of healing my body is a long one. I don’t exactly know how to “rest,” so it’s taken quite some time. I do a lot of self care; chiro appointments, stretching, massages, etc. Sarah (Dr. Gardner) has been so amazing in helping my ailments, and I am very thankful for her.

What was your fitness life like growing up?

I grew up playing outside. “King of the Mountain” was one of the games my brother and I would play with the neighborhood kids. It’s basically running to the top of this hill and trying to not get pushed off. Hahaha. This is probably where my competitive nature started. We skated and played hockey on the pond next to our house and in the warmer months, we went to street hockey. I played soccer, softball and basketball until I graduated from High School. I continued with soccer in college. My family is super athletic- mom and dad played softball and bowled when I grew up and dad also played broomball. My brother, Adam was a 3 sport athlete as well. Adam and my dad ref pro and college hockey, so the fire has always been there to compete and play sports.

Adam sounds amazing, does he do Crossfit as well?

Funny you ask. Adam and his reffing buddies recently started doing CrossFit style workouts in one of their garages. Brent and I write programming for them. Brent does the strength portion and I do the metcons and skill work. They call me Devil Woman.

What position did you play in soccer and do you still play?

I played forward, usually right wing. I play here and there. When I was living in Austin, I played all the time- both in an indoor and outdoor league. I wasn’t doing CF there, so I had more free time. When I moved back to this area, I played indoor in Cortland for a few sessions. This past summer, I played filled in on my friend’s team in 1 outdoor game, which was really, really fun. I certainly miss playing.

What motivates you to put in the effort that you do?

I want to be the best version of myself. I want to be better than yesterday. Some people aren’t able to get up every day and do this, so I am grateful every day for the opportunity to move my body. Whenever I’m having a crap day or workout, I think about people like Derek Weida who, despite having some setbacks, puts the work in. I’ve always been driven, but sometimes I’m driven to a fault. I could literally be in the gym all day, but Tim and Darrin put a cap on it ;) Oh yeah, food motivates the shit out of me!

Ahh, food! What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Since I basically eat whatever fits my macros, nothing is considered a cheat meal. When Iconsume alcoholic beverages, my macros migrate for the day. With that being said, vodka and Jameson are my cheat meals. I LOVE cheese tortellinis in my homemade vodka sauce with prosciutto and asiago cheese. I make that fit my macros all the time, like tonight!

Do you follow a specific diet?

I have a set of macros: protein/fat/carbs that I follow each day. I tend to eat fairly healthy. I follow the Eat to Perform mindset (who I also work for).

What’s with the oreos, come on?

It’s actually Brent that has the Oreo thing...I’m more of a chocolate and peanut butter kind of girl. I do eat 3 Oreos pre workout everyday. It equals around 50g of carbs, which is what I take in pre, so I’m cool with it ;)

If you could write a wod, what would it look like?

1 gazillion kHSPU for time.

Just kidding…

3rep max OHS

Rest 4 minutes


400m run

12 hspu

So if you have to decide between Phish and Disco Biscuits and they both were equidistant and both had the same amount of friends at both shows, which would you go to?

100% tDB. I like Phish, but the Disco Biscuits are my #1. I’ve seen Phish 19 times and tDB 105 times. I walked down the aisle to tDB and when Brent and I got announced husband and wife, we had a Biscuits song playing ;) We also took our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, where they co headlined a music festival, soooooo, tDB.

Okay, let’s change gears. The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient Hindu text which tells the story of a warriors obligation to fulfill their destiny and fight in a holy war. It is a sacred text for yogis to understand its principles and how to conduct ourselves in the world. In the second chapter the following passage I think has a lot to do with Crossfit and I was wondering what you thought:

Know what your duty is And do it without hesitation. For a warrior, there is nothing better Than a battle that duty enjoins Blessed are warriors who are given The chance of a battle like this, Which calls them to do what is right And opens the gates of heaven. But if you refuse the call To a righteous war, and shrink from What duty and honor dictate, You will bring down ruin on your head.

Any thoughts?

I think that this texts can relate to many aspects of life: family, work, CrossFit, etc. I most certainly think that it applies to myself. When (and since) I declared sociology my major in college, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to help people. In what way, I wasn’t sure. At first, it was the elder population. I minored in gerontology, but when my papa (gpa) died, I had no interest in that population any longer because of the heartache. I know it isn’t fair, but it was a difficult loss. I think I’ve really started to find my duty or calling as I like to put it. I help people with their nutritional needs by working for Eat to Perform, and I help people with their fitness needs by having the humbling opportunity to work at CFP, and also by programming for my brother and his buddies. When the time comes, I/we will be warriors for our child and fight to make his/her life the best it can possibly be.

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

It’s gotta be my second ring muscle up. I got a semi strict, with a leg kick in February. The kipping rmu eluded me for 3.5 years. I got into the rings several times during the Team Series with Jana, Andy and Darrin but couldn’t lock out (Brent wasn’t there). I got one the following week when Brent and I were doing a rmu workout together. It was incredible. Plus, all my girls from 6am were there, so that made it even better (minus Cait).

If someone was on the fence about starting CrossFit, what would you tell them?

I would introduce them to Janessa and tell them this is like the best person in the world, be friends with her and your life will be better. Also, introduce them to basically anyone at CFP and show them how tight our community is. I would tell them that I am in better shape now than when I played Division 1 soccer. I would explain that putting in the hard work alongside other athletes makes you grow as a person, wife, friend, etc. CrossFit makes you learn more about yourself, it makes you find a passion you probably haven’t felt before, it gives you many highs, but some lows. The good thing about the lows is that you are able to use them as a positive and be better. Every day I do CrossFit, I become a better version of myself.

Namaste, friend.