Hey Everyone!

So we've had a lot of requests from the survey to start putting the entire week of programming up on the website, and we've decided to make it happen. The onus is now on you all to not cherry pick (pick your workout days based on the workouts you like the most)! Come in and attack those weaknesses, no matter what day it is! The only downside to this is that you will have to scroll down the website a bit to look at workouts earlier in the week, say, for Monday! 

10m - Dynamics

10m - Movement Prep

MetCon - 4RFT:

1:00 Hang from Pull Up Bar (together, on the same bar)

400m Run (together)

24 KB Hang Snatches 32kg/24kg (12 each, 6R/6L)

*If athletes have trouble getting comfortable with the turnover with the KB, they may use a dumbbell.