5m - Brief the Strength Cycle; important notes…

1)     Athletes will do two waves of squats, with a 5-3-1 rep scheme. Percentages listed below. Each week we will add weight based upon the range in which you tested below. Both sets of 5, 3, and 1 each day will be at the same load.

2)     Push Ups - everyone will do deficit, tempo push ups. Either from their knees, toes, or weighted.

3)     Discuss the tempo, and how it works - the format is below.

10m - Dynamics

Strength - 20m to complete two sets of:

●       5-3-1 Back Squat at 70-80-90%, respectively

●       After every set of back squats, athletes will complete a set of 6 tempo pushups

○       The tempo is a 1s hold at the top, a 2 second descent, and then an explosive drive back to the top

MetCon - 8RFT::

5 Barbell Rows 115/75

25 Double Unders

*6m time cap

Back Squat Progressive Loading Guidelines

1RM 200 or less - add 2-3lbs each week, to each set

1RM 200-300 - add 3-5lbs each week, to each set

1RM 300+ - add 5-10lbs each week, to each set