Inspiration Moves Me Brightly

Inspiration Moves Me Brightly

I love when things jump out at me. It’s like the Universe is saying, “Yo, Kylie! Pay attention!”

This has happened twice in the past week, and they go hand in hand. The first was Coach Darrin. We coached last Tuesday at 6am together. He was going over some muscle up strength/skill work. The first thing he said was: “How many people have a ring muscle up?” A couple people raised their hands. He followed up by saying, “How many people want a ring muscle up?” Almost the whole class raised their hands. His final question? “How many people are putting in the extra work to get a ring muscle up?” One hand…halfway up. This resonated SO hard with me.

The second thing: Sarah Acker. I mean, anyone that has been at the gym the past few months has seen her put in the work. Girlfriend wanted a ring muscle up SO bad. What did she do? She came in early, stayed late and even came at 6am a few times. She worked the drills: transitions, kip swings, low ring strength drills, dip sets, etc. She did it all. What happened? She got a muscle up. A freakin’ well deserved muscle up, I’d like to add.

Unless you’re secretly a wizard as good as Hermione Granger, a skill like muscle ups aren’t going to magically appear. Guess what you need to do? You need to put the work in like Sarah did. I’m not saying come to class on muscle up days and do the skill/strength work and you’ll get one. It’s not as easy as that. It’s coming in 5 minutes early or staying for 5 minutes at the end of class a few times a week and working toward that goal. There are SO many drills out there that you can do to get a particular skill. You can start by repeating the drills the coaches give during class. Don’t have pull ups? Do slow negatives. Do some Pendlay rows. Work on perfecting your kip. Get on the ground and switch between the hollow body & Superman. Break down the movement; where are you lacking? Is it the strength part? The coordination? Figure it out and work on it.

If you have a certain skill that you’d like to master, talk to a coach. There are drills and strength pieces out there for everything. Ultimately, it’s up to you to put the extra work in. Take it from Sarah Acker.

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to our first installment of the “CFP MONTHLY CHALLENGE.” Each month, you will be presented with a challenge. The challenges will vary between skill work, accumulated time or a certain amount of reps, etc. Some challenges you’ll be able to work toward at home, and others you’ll need to put in the work at CFP. If you post yourself working towards the challenge on your Instagram Story and tag CFP @crossfitpallas, I’ll pull it over to our Insta story! This is our way of guiding you to be better athletes, honing in on weaknesses, and showing you that an extra 5 minutes here and there can and will make a difference.

Now, the first challenge. Since Valentine’s Day is in February, we want to focus on heart health! Coach Jami came up with this awesome idea. Your challenge is to accumulate 10K meters on any machine in the gym, or outside of the gym, including running, swimming, biking, etc. This accumulation can be anything from recovery pace to technique work to sprints. Change it up each time or (again) focus on your weakness. We will also count running towards this total- you just have to convert. There will be a sign up chart on the WOD board in the main space of CFP where you can keep track of your meters. (And as a friendly reminder- please don’t sprint on the machines while coaches are giving instruction and if you’re using the AAB, please go in the Foundations Room during instruction.)  Warmups & meters during a WOD will not count towards the monthly total. Good luck, and here’s to an amazing 2019!

Feeling inspired,

Coach Kylie


Tim Paulson