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Tuesday 4.18.18

15m - Dynamics
10m - Bar Muscle Up Drills
“Bar Muscle Up Biathalon”
400m Run
18 Bar Muscle Ups
400m Run
15 Bar Muscle Ups
400m Run
12 Bar Muscle Ups
*Every time you break a set, perform a 200m penalty run.
**20m time cap. Scaled rep scheme is 12/9/6.
Most athletes should not be able to do this workout unbroken, so take that into account when
choosing your rep scheme and scaling options. CTB Pull-ups, Pull-Ups, and Ring Rows will be
our go to options for the day. As long as you are performing 3 sets or less for each set, you are
all set.

Earlier Event: April 17
Monday 4.17.17
Later Event: April 19
Wednesday 4.19.17