Welcome to CrossFit Pallas

We are the longest standing CrossFit affiliate in Ithaca, NY with the most experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff in New York State. Visit us at our newly constructed, 10,000 square foot location at 241 Cherry St, off Cecil Malone Dr behind Wegmans - complete with full use locker rooms and showers, off street parking, and an adjoining space where we host yoga and active recovery classes.

 The three pillars of Crossfit Pallas are: our community, our coaching, and our program. Combine these factors, and this is what makes us the premier gym in the Finger Lakes region. We follow a protocol of mechanics, consistency of mechanics, and then and only then, increased intensity. Proper application of mechanics leads to a safe and effective exercise program, which is why we focus on perfecting human movement so much. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, become more functional or try and compete, or to just have fun with your fitness, Crossfit Pallas has what you need!

If you are interested in trying us out, contact us at tim@crossfitpallas.com.



Workout of the Day


Saturday 12.10
15m - Dynamics10m - Kipping Pull Up DrillsMetCon - 13m amrap:30 WBS 20/14 to 10’/9’25 CTBM...


Friday 12.9
10m - Dynamics10m - Clean ReviewStrength - 7 sets with roughly 2m of rest:● 2 Touch & ...


Wednesday 12.7
10m - Dynamics10m - Snatch ReviewEvery 90s for 8 Sets, start light & ascend:● 2x Hang ...


Tuesday 12.6
15m - Dynamics5m - Wall Walk Review5m - KBS & Box Jump Review4 Rounds, 3m amrap with 1...

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